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alc. 0%, vol.0.33l ℮


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Kohlensäurehaltiges Erfrischungsgetränk mit Hopfen | Zutaten: Wasser, Kohlensäure, Hopfen <0,2%, Zitronensäure 

Nährwerte je 100 ml: Energie 0kj/0kcal, Kohlenhydrate 0g davon Zucker 0g, Salz 0g, Fett 0g, Eiweiss 0g, Alkohol 0%, vol.0,33l ℮ 

Sparkling soft drink with hops | Ingredients: water, carbonic acid, hops <0.2%, citric acid

Nutritional values ​​per 100 ml: Energy 0kj/0kcal, carbohydrates 0g from sugar 0g, salt 0g, fat 0g, protein 0g

When you’re a runner, you better be ready to hop to it. Hopwater that is. I’m kinda like beer, but also like water. And “bwater” just sounds weird. Carbonated and crisp. Refreshing and ready for anything. When you need something done, I’m the beverage you can count on. Because when you´re on the clock, it’s better to be hydrated than hammered.

Love Hydration. Hate Fascism.


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